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Product Description

Want to own a power bank for your jammer, then look at this Portable Power Bank for Handing Cellular Phone & WiFi Jammer, you will find it can be the best choice.

It is Li-polymer Battery with 4800mAh current and can support Handing Cellular Phone & WiFi Jammer (JM166712) 4 hours operation. Besides from the indicating of the LED display, you can know the state clearly. What’s more it owns the external connected cable, which is really convenient. And it is easy to carry since it owns light weight.

So if you want to know more details about this product or buy a high quality portable power bank for your cell phone jammer, come here contact us and add one to your cart.

Technical Specifications

  • Material:Li-polymer Battery
  • Current:4800mAh
  • External connected cable
  • Indicating LED display of different states as below:

  -Power ON:"P" Red LED light
  -Battery Low:"P" Red LED light
  -Charging:"C" Red LED light
  -Battery Full:"C" Blue LED light

  • Can support Handing Cellular Phone & WiFi Jammer (JM166712) 4 hours operation
  • Weight:270g
  • Dimension:110mm (H)*62mm (L)*30mm (D)
  • Input Voltage:AV100V-250V,50Hz -60Hz
  • Color:Grey


  • Portable Power Bank for Jammer
  • AC adaptor

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